A Card Carrying Arachnophobe

wasp-spiderArgiope-bruennichi-catches-dragonflyspider in the polytunnel

Guess what I found in the polytunnel. One of the ideas behind developing a permaculture finca is to encourage wildlife to create a balance on the land. This is not balance, it is very scary.

I am not keen on spiders. They give me the willies. I know they do a lot of good, but couldn’t they do good somewhere else. I have tomatoes ripening everyday and now I’m reluctant to pick them. Having spent an hour trying to find out whether this one is poisonous or not I am no closer to the answer due to a myriad of conflicting information and am now paranoid about what else I may find. The locals are of no help, classifying it as a ‘bicho’ which they have no knowledge of, although I have seen this little begger in Mallorca before. A bicho is anything from an ant to a jabali (wild boar). It isn’t a wild boar, I’ve been confronted by one of those in bed in the tent. Me, not the boar. I can find plenty of pictures on the web (ha ha!!!) but the descriptions do not match the spider.

Until I can get some definitive info on my little visitor, the tomatoes will rot on the vine.

Hello world!

Welcome to our page about our lives in this glorious part of Spain.  So many friends and family members ask about our progress and we have finally got around to doing something about it.  Better late than never.

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