Hello world!

Welcome to our page about our lives in this glorious part of Spain.  So many friends and family members ask about our progress and we have finally got around to doing something about it.  Better late than never.

You will be able to read Mandy’s ramblings about going green, permaculture and her longing to get some ducks and chickens, or read Roy’s straightforward accounts of water conservation, solar power storage and how often he cleans his bike.  Failing that, just look at the pretty pictures.

Please remember you are always welcome to visit!

5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Min,
    Keep up the good work, spiders look nasty, just wear thick gloves or better still find a toothless old crone to pick the toms for you…XX

  2. All looking wonderful, just wondering if you ate the fire salamanders and if so how do you cook them. Thank you for my lovely easter card, I didnt send any or buy any eggs cos im crap. love you Chas xx

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