A Card Carrying Arachnophobe

wasp-spiderArgiope-bruennichi-catches-dragonflyspider in the polytunnel

Guess what I found in the polytunnel. One of the ideas behind developing a permaculture finca is to encourage wildlife to create a balance on the land. This is not balance, it is very scary.

I am not keen on spiders. They give me the willies. I know they do a lot of good, but couldn’t they do good somewhere else. I have tomatoes ripening everyday and now I’m reluctant to pick them. Having spent an hour trying to find out whether this one is poisonous or not I am no closer to the answer due to a myriad of conflicting information and am now paranoid about what else I may find. The locals are of no help, classifying it as a ‘bicho’ which they have no knowledge of, although I have seen this little begger in Mallorca before. A bicho is anything from an ant to a jabali (wild boar). It isn’t a wild boar, I’ve been confronted by one of those in bed in the tent. Me, not the boar. I can find plenty of pictures on the web (ha ha!!!) but the descriptions do not match the spider.

Until I can get some definitive info on my little visitor, the tomatoes will rot on the vine.

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