Water, Water, Water Everywhere

We get around 1 m of rainfall here every year. Unfortunately, it floods the fields then runs off to leave dust dry soil down to more than a meter in depth. So , in addition to capturing a potential 120 cubic meters of water off the roof, we have been putting in water catchment systems in the fields, resulting in two ponds which will enable me to have ducks!

The work done yesterday by diggerman Jose (or Raul or Miquel, whatever) consisted of moving an ENORMOUS amount of rock from the front field to the top of the orchard,
where they will be handy when the builder does the main gates and mends the top wall, Then starting the pond:
We broke off for a quick lunch (never quick in Spain) at the wonderful Torre Vilarino’. Outside the restaurant I noticed this
and then noticed that the attached trailer had a very loud buzzing noise coming from it along with the odd stray bee. When we left, the van and trailer were gone, but unfortunately had left many escapees behind who were clearly not amused!
Back to the earthworks, diggerman made a series of interconnecting ditches around the field
which I will fill with gravel. They will provide pathways as well as collecting water and leaking it out to the lower soil levels before finally draining into the pond. In theory. Hopefully.

Bit of a shock this morning when I staggered out of the ‘van and almost fell into the first ditch.

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